Competitive Edges

Excellent technology and guaranteed quality is Liang Meng’s spirit. Customer satisfaction is the best comliment to Liang Meng. For year, Liang Meng has fostered various competitve edges against our rivals.

Excellent Quality

Liang Meng Participates in all manufacturing processes and is familiar with operation modes of every stage. Therefore, strict quality control at every stage is made possible.

Short Delivery time

As Liang Meng participate in all of the process, monitor of manufacturing process and adjustment of prouction capacity can be executed more efficently to ensure the shortest delivery time.

Excellent Techonology

Liang Meng never ceases to introduce and absord the latest technology to produce and manufacture products with best quality.

Cost Management

Liang Meng introdueces ERP to better manage costs and expenses and reduce production costs so that we can serve our customers with more reasonable prices.

Integrated Services

To provide more integrated product services, Liang Meng has further integrated the whole manufacturing process vertically (from open formwork → injection molding, coating or printing → erection) in order to provide customers with perfect services.