Management Principles

Three New Attitudes

New Thought

The unceasing innovation thought expands the management disparity, creates the new value and the favroable base.

New Machine

Must eliminates old equipments, introduces new machine and technology, to achieved the goal of the high quality of production and promotion.


Encourages the staff proposal improvement, attempts the different new method, by detachable company underlying tissues operation.


Customers are the basis for an enterprise to sustain itself. We provide reasonable prices all the time, satisfactory services, correct delivery dates, considerate services and techonoly guaranty and comprehensively serve our customers.


Quality is what the company lives on. We strive without reservation for the improvement of all qualities, including product, operation and staff. We endeavor to reach perfect homogeneous quality to maintain the vitality.


Human capital is the foundation of corporate development. To ensure stable development of the company, we have constantly introduced new knowledge to the education and training of our staff and upgraded our technology in order to strengthen corporate structure.

Sustainable Managment

We are concerned about our corporate image and maintain innovative technology. In addition to sharing company profits with our staff, we seek the ultimate goal of serving the society and enhancing public welfare.