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Mold manufacturing

  • Designing
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembling all kinds of mold

Injection molding

  • Processing and manufacturing all kinds of plastic products.
  • Buying and selling all kinds of plastic raw materials and plastic products.

Painting & Printing

  • Product surface treatment.
  • Painting / printing / coating for all kinds of plastic semi – finished products.
  • Pigments manufacture


  • Processing and assembling all kinds of finished products, forming upright or electric equipment.


Hard work and
not afraid of difficulties

We own the rich experience of industrial computer, 3C products, non-invasive medical products, non-safe automotive product, including the original notebook technology. At the same time the company added first-class production equipment and testing equipment from time to time.

About LM

LM GROUP was established in February 1990, at the beginning, it mainly undertook various types of plastic accessories, including PC panels, language translation machines, mobile phones, etc.; at end of 1990, after the developing and producing technologies of laptop were introduced to Taiwan, the company started to produce precision plastic parts of notebook computer which were molded through injection molding technology.

Why Choose Us

We add first-class production equipment and testing equipment from time to time, and actively promoted the staffs training for better specialty to provide customer a more comprehensive service.